Lovy Lovers

Elegant, casual and with a precious greyhound circular clasp: the iconic LOVY Bag in all its variations is winning many hearts.
Discover all the celebrities and influencers that are LOVY Lovers.

How does “Lovy” fit into your lifestyle?

Discover our Lovy Stories

How does “Lovy” fit into your lifestyle?

Have fun discovering all the ways through our “Lovy Stories”, short portraits of women like you who’ve already let Lovy into their lives…


9:00 AM

Breakfast with girlfriends. Relaxing and chatting, just the way we like it. Coffee, orange juice and a croissant. Talking about whatever we want, the next plane to catch, the music that makes us feel alive, the achievements we cherish. My day with Lovy has just begun!


2:30 PM

Zip, lipstick. Zip, a mirror. Zip, a guitar pick hidden at the bottom of a pocket (because I might always come across a guitar). Makeup, smartphone, datebook, a bracelet that jingles and – there on the bottom – my boarding passes. Everything is tucked away inside my Lovy, which is as red and shiny as my nails. The Greyhound seems to crouch in my hand. He’s beautiful. Shiny. They’re announcing my flight: time to go. Zip.


5:00 PM

Seated at a table of the café, she keeps typing away on her smartphone. She smiles, waits for the answer, smiles and keeps typing. Who is she writing to? I see a light blue Lovy Bag resting on her long legs. It’s as blue as her eyes. Blue on blue. Like the liquid effect of a crystalline infinity pool overlooking the sea.


7:00 PM

It was supposed to be an aperitif with friends but a text message arrives at the last minute: “There are just the two of us. Is that okay?” “OK,” I reply. My step accelerates, my heart rate accelerates, and so does my dream. Light makeup and my personal touch of elegance: my Lovy. I chose rosy beige, like the actresses of the past. Just like them, I’m about to enter the scene. I’m here and so is he. Raise the curtain and let the show begin!

New York

2:00 AM

That night she had a different air about her. She strode down the long corridor as if it were a catwalk. Her steps were confident, like those of someone who is always at ease, with effortless simplicity. Her lipstick was perfect, her mind was free. Rock music still played in her head, along with the throbbing beat of an awesome party and the compliment of a passer-by. There were thousands of secrets inside her Lovy. A wilted flower, a phone number ready to change her life, the keys to a home, a candid photo. Only her Lovy knows the truth.