The Idea by Gaia

Interview with Gaia Trussardi

Gaia Trussardi, how did you get the idea for Lovy Bag?

Times have changed for today’s women. Life is hectic and we’re always on the go. You leave the house in the morning and come back in the evening after doing countless things: going to the office, taking care of the kids, meeting with friends, traveling, appointments, and personal commitments.

Everything has changed. As a result, we had to rethink the bag. It has to be a woman’s best friend: the accessory that’s always with you. When we started designing it, that’s what we had in mind. Our challenge was to create a beautiful bag of quality that was always appropriate but also versatile and functional for an eclectic woman. It is an “elegantly cool” bag: sophisticated but hip, with a touch of irony that never hurts.


interview3What type of woman is it designed for?

Lovy is for all those women who want to feel perfectly at ease without having to change their look to suit every occasion. They’re dynamic, with a real zest for life, and they look at fashion with irony. Plus, they never ignore functionality. We wanted Lovy to have two options: a shoulder strap but also a handle for carrying the bag by hand.

These little choices make a difference. We insisted on having a truly endless range of colors: it’s impossible not to find one that’s right for you.


interview2Why did you choose the name Lovy?

Lovy is a neologism. It’s a word that doesn’t really exist, but you immediately understand its meaning.

It reminds us of love in a general sense, tenderness, friendship and family – also an extended family – because Lovy knows all the scenarios of today’s life. It is an absolutely contemporary travel buddy. Therefore, the reference to love is in a broad sense: it is the passion we put into life, it’s the love we have for ourselves, for the objectives we achieve each day, but also for travel companions and – why not? – for a bag!


interview1Strategically, the Lovy Bag marks a turning point: it’s a Trussardi bag, but it’s more accessible.

This is a very important aspect. With the Lovy Bag we want to present a new concept of accessible quality that is based on artisan workmanship, Italian manufacturing excellence, tradition and sophisticated style. Today’s women understand the value of things and want quality at the right price.


Speaking of tradition, the historic greyhound changes shape on the Lovy Bag, becoming a precious ornament with a circular design…

This is a deliberate “variation” – a bit ironic, if you will – of the greyhound. The circular design lets us create an elegant, almost precious, signature element that shines on each Lovy Bag. This type of clasp is a part of our heritage: it is a restyling of an element from the Trussardi archive.


How much does the Lovy Bag resemble you?

When you create something you almost always start out from something in your background and life. There’s always some sort of personal identification with the products I design, and in this case it represents my more “ladylike” side, but in a playful and ironic way. Actually, I think that in this case the tables are turned: Lovy Bag is so inspiring that when you decide to wear it, it’s because you want to resemble it!

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